What’s Your Face Shape?

What's Your Face Shape? Jennifer LopezOriginally I contemplated to create a face shape quiz, because I know readers like quizzes! Unfortunately this didn’t work out very well, because there are so many face shapes and so many metrics to consider; I simply couldn’t get my software do the right thing. I could have done a so-so quiz, but I think it would give right answers only half of the time. Having said that, there is quite a few face shape quizzes online, which I have tried and, as suspected, they don’t work very well. The best way to define your face shape is to know the characteristics of each shape and see where you fall.

Before we begin, here is what I believe to be the most inclusive list of facial shapes and hopefully you will be able to find yourself between these:

  • square
  • round
  • oval
  • heart
  • oblong
  • rectangle
  • pear
  • triangle
  • diamond

I am going to describe each of this shapes and give a celebrity example wherever possible. You will see that any of these facial shapes can be beautiful!

Now let’s get started!

Case 1: Your face length and width are approximately same.
First things first, let’s analyze the length and width of your face. The reason for that is that people whose face length and width are approximately equal will usually fall into square or round face shape category.

To determine whether your face is square or round you need to look at two things:

  • your jaw
  • your hairline

If your jaw is nicely rounded your face shape is round and your hairline doesn’t really matter. I will confess I spent years thinking my face was round just because it was big, but not that I know better I can see I am an obvious square!

Catherine Zeta Jones round face shape

Catherine Zeta Jones has round face shape.

If your jawline is more on a square side, i.e. there is more or less obvious angle to your jawline, AND your hairline is quite wide you are a square (welcome to the club!).

However, if your hairline is somewhat narrow when compared to the width of your jawline, you have a pear shape.

Doutzen Kroes pear shape face

Model and actress Doutzen Kroes has a pear shaped face.

Some people may have approximately equal facial length and width and still have a pointed chin which makes the lower part of their faces closer to triangle. If you fall into this rare category you have either

  • a heart shape
  • a diamond shape

The only difference between heart shape and diamond shape is in their hairline. “Hearts” will have a wide hairline, while “diamonds” will have a narrow hairline which makes their upper part look pretty much like their lower part.

heart face shape Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez appears to be a “heart” here.

Case 2: Your face is a little longer than its width.
If your face is just a little longer than its width you might be an oval, square, pear, diamond or heart. Once again, we need to look at hairline and jawline to determine where you fall.

If your jaw is nicely rounded and there is no obvious angles, you have an oval facial shape regardless your hairline.

If your jaw is not pointed and not rounded but more on square side and

Angelina Jolie face shape

Angelina Jolie’s face is often given as an example of square shape but I would say she is closer to pear in this picture.

On the other hand, if your jaw is pointed and looks more like a triangle:

  • you are a diamond if your hairline is narrow or
  • you are a heart if your hairline is wide

Jennifer Lopez diamond face shape

In this picture Jennifer Lopez appears to have diamond shape.

Case 3: Your face is really long, much longer than its width.
If your face is much longer than its width you might have oblong, rectangle, pear, triangle or diamond shape.

If your jawline is rounded and has no obvious angles you have an oblong shape regardless your hairline.

If you have a pointed chin and your jawline is more triangle-like and your hairline is wide, you have a triangle facial shape.

If you have a pointed chin as mentioned above but your hairline is narrow, once again you are a diamond.

If your jawline is more on a square side you are either rectangle or pear. Rectangle facial shape is characterized by wide hair line, while pear is more about narrow hairline.

As you see, any of these shapes can be beautiful. Knowing your face shape helps choose hairstyle and contour your face more efficiently. While this can be certainly confusing in some cases, most will be able to find something that is close to their own shape using these general rules.

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