A Look at Simple Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

With a whole world of information at your fingertips, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair. There are so many pictures on the internet, so many different designs and styles in bridal magazines and so many friends and family members telling you how you should have your day, it can be quite overwhelming! It is, after all, your big day and you should have the hairstyle that best suits you. Of course, you may want to tie the idea in with hairstyles for the wedding party – it would be cute to have your bridesmaids with similar hairstyles, but all in all, the decision is down to you.

wedding hairstyle for long hairThis is one of the easiest wedding hairstyles for long hair. A simple centre parting with romantic soft waves framing the face, this is perfect if you are going for both a classic, sophisticated wedding or a bohemian style event, accessorized to the max with cute and colorful flowers if the mood suits. Easily replicated with hair straightening irons or curlers, this simple yet effective style would suit most face shapes.

wedding hairstyles for long hairIncorporating a little bridal pearl jewelry into the mix is one of the simplest ways that you can create a pretty yet glamorous look for any style of wedding. Eccentric yet elegant, this is another of the wedding hairstyles for long hair that would be easily replicated. Soft curls and a few bobby pins is all it takes to recreate this fabulous look and with a few pearls and ribbons thrown in for good measure, you can match this style to pretty much any class of look or wedding that you wish.

wedding hairstyles for long hairWow! What a look! As wedding bridal hair goes, this is a unique that will have any bride stared at for all the right reasons! Mixing curls with a modern yet stylish updo, a few bobby pins and again, curling irons or hair straighteners will recreate this style with ease. Updo wedding styles can be hard to figure out, especially if you have an intricate dress, but the long tail of this hairstyle is more compromising than most and will definitely take your hubby-to-be’s breath away!

wedding hairstyles for long hairIf you want something very classy and grown-up, this is the one of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair. A wrap-around style chignon with pearl hair jewelry, it is both elegant yet modern and is great if you have heavier makeup or a very intricate dress. Slicked back hair is also much easier to deal with on the big day – there won’t be any tendrils hanging down that will annoy you or get in the way of nice photographs.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Half up, half down wedding styles are very popular, especially if you have a dress that will show off your neck and shoulders. Curls are very much in right now and again, wedding hair accessories such as flowers or pearls can be used to give the style a bit more personality. This look is great for a number of wedding styles including bohemian and classic – subtle yet sophisticated makeup would set this look of beautifully.

wedding hairstyles for long hairLast but not least, we come to something a little more different. Using pearl and crystal bridal jewelry in the hair and around the neck, you have a look that is completely scraped back away from the face for convenience as well as twisted strands to give it a more unique feel. This is not a look that everyone can get away with but if you are brave enough and have a dress that would set it off – either strapless or strappy, this look could be just perfect for your big day!

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