Vitamin E for Skin – Discover the Benefits!

The benefits of vitamin E for skin are substantial. This versatile vitamin helps to maintain the skin’s oil balance and its antioxidant properties help to protect the skin from ultra violet light, pollution and many other harmful elements.

Vitamin E Benefits

vitamin e sourceVitamin E creams, vitamin E lotions or vitamin E oil for skin has many benefits. They keep wrinkles at bay, can be effective at preventing unsightly stretch marks, reduce the appearance of age spots and can also help repair tissues, scars, heal wounds and even help to prevent blood clots.

Creams and lotions are really easy to use and are safe to combine with other products except Renova. Renova is a form of vitamin A which is used to help skin renewal with the aim of reducing wrinkles, skin discoloration and to smooth out roughness.

It is very important that you do not use any vitamin E products at the same time you are using Renova.

Side effects from vitamin E cream are limited and that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular although in some cases it can cause dermatitis and/or itching.

Vitamin E Helps Prevent Cancer

As well as using as part of your daily skincare routine vitamin E can protect the skin against UV damage which can lead to cancer. Vitamin E cream increases the skin’s antioxidant reserves and absorbs ultra violet radiation. When it is used in combination with vitamin C the vitamin E properties increase the protective effects of sun screens. The body’s natural vitamin C and vitamin E are destroyed by sunlight and that is why it is so important to keep the skin protected with vitamin E.

So if you plan to be out in the sun it is crucial that you protect your skin from harmful rays by using vitamin E cream as well as a sunscreen. Make sure that you apply your vitamin E cream or lotion along with other protection creams at least twenty minutes before you plan to expose yourself to the sun.

Different Forms of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is available in creams and lotions but if you prefer you can also buy vitamin E capsules for the skin. The benefits of taking the supplement orally is that you don’t have to mess about with application but on the downside it is impossible to mix with other products when taken this way. If your preferred choice is a lotion or cream make sure that vitamin E content is in its natural alcohol form as this is the more effective antioxidant.

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Look out for Fakes

Vitamin E has to be used in a very specific form to be effective. The form of vitamin E that is found in the body’s tissues is called alpha-tocopherol therefore this has the greatest biological activity of all forms of vitamin E. Alpha-tocopherol is known by other names too such as mixed tocopherals, d-alpha tocopherol and DL-alpha tocopheral.

These days a lot of cosmetic companies use derivatives of vitamin E and claim they have antioxidant properties when in fact they don’t. Always read the labels of creams and lotions which claim to have vitamin E properties and check the ingredients. If the name for the vitamin E ingredient ends in ‘tocopherol’ then it is biological active. The non-active derivatives will be listed as tocopherol but will be followed by another word typically acetate, linoleate, nicotinate or succinate.

Some products however, which contain D-alpha tocopherol nicotinate or tocopherol acetate are effective moisturizers because these particular vitamin E derivatives are good emollients even though they won’t protect or repair the skin.

Vitamin E Products are Expensive but Effective

There are many vitamin E products available on the market and they can be expensive but that is why it is so important to check the labels to make sure you are buying products which contain the proper vitamin E ingredients.

Vitamin E products are versatile and a very important part of your skincare routine.

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