A Closer Look at Vitamin C for Skin

When your skin is exposed to the bad things around it, for example, smoking, UV rays, pollution and the sun, the amount of vitamin C within your body is depleted. When you think about it logically, it makes sense to put the lost vitamin C back into your body in any way that you can. You can, of course, take multivitamins to increase the levels of this vitamin within your body but there are other things that you can do at the same time, things that could have a better effect than just taking it internally.

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I already take a daily vitamin, what else do I need to do?

You may think that you have enough Vitamin C in your body because you take a daily vitamin does but in reality, any Vitamin C that is not fast absorbed by your body is actually gotten rid of when you go to the toilet which means that main areas of your body, such as your skin, may not have access to it at all. This means that you should be looking at other methods to get the vitamin into your body and one of the easiest ways to do just that is with a cream that you apply directly to your skin.

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What does my skin have to do with it? What does vitamin C do for your skin?

It is highly recommended that you take vitamin C in a topical cream method as well as orally. Not only has this essential vitamin been shown to prevent pre-cancerous cells from being cancerous, but it has also shown great positive effects such as boosting collagen within the skin. This is what you need to remain looking youthfully young.

By using vitamin C regularly in a cream or lotion form, you can expect a number of benefits:

  • The damage caused by the UV rays of the sun is lessened because the vitamin C helps to neutralize the free radicals before they can cause any problems or damages to the skin.
  • Your skin will have a firmer feel and texture because of the increased collagen levels
  • You will have less wrinkles – a good one for the slightly older than teens out there!

So how long does it take to work?

As long as you use half decent products containing vitamin C on your skin, you can see results fairly quickly. Some people have reported a change to the tone and texture of their skin in less than two weeks. Of course, this is just an approximation and will depend on many things including how often you use it, what kinds of products you are using – vitamin C serums for skin or others, and how well you take care of yourself as a whole.

There have been recent studies down that have shown a massive decrease in wrinkles and a definite improvement in hydration of the skin over a 12 week time frame of women using vitamin C creams for skin.

How and what to use

When you add something to your body, you want it to be high quality. There are a lot of vitamin C creams out there that actually contain very little in the form of vitamin C at all. Read the labels – you will want something that has a pH level of 3.5, (this is what is used alongside the L-ascorbic acid which stabilizes the vitamin C to use as a cream) and you will also want something that has a relatively high concentration of this.

Ideally, you will want to be using the vitamin C cream in the morning to give it enough time to work throughout the day and also to provide you with a barrier against free radicals while you go about your day.

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How much vitamin C should I be taking for my skin?

To enable your body to get the most out of this brilliant vitamin, you will want to take it in the right amounts and in the right formats. You should be looking for good quality vitamin C serums for skin. In oral form, you should be looking for a minimum intake of around 60mg. to get the most out of the important vitamin however, you can go up to around 1000mg.

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In conclusion, if you want a number of health benefits including reduced cholesterol, repair and rejuvenation of skin cells, less wrinkles, reduced risk of certain eye diseases and lower blood pressure, you should definitely be looking into vitamin C in both oral and topical formats.

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