Vintage Wedding Dresses – Go Retro on Your Big Day!

We all want our wedding day to be memorable for all the right reasons, and this is perhaps why so many women entertain the idea of vintage wedding dresses. Whether it is a dress that was previously worn by another family member, for example, Mother or Grandmother, or just a vintage-style dress that you have bought or had fashioned new, these beautiful gowns really do tell more than just a wedding story!

vintage lace wedding dress with oldfashioned bonnet headdress

This is one of the most traditional vintage wedding dresses that you can look at. The beautiful floating skirt still keeps the dress in line with modern styles, but the lace overlay, combined with a unique bonnet-style headdress, ensures that this dress is a vintage looking one. Very demure in nature, this dress screams elegance and class, and would look fabulous with grooms and other members of the wedding party, in top coats and hats.

Looking for 1950s vintage wedding gown?

1950s vintage wedding dress with a military-looking hat and gloves

Going back through the decades of fashion is fun, especially with 1950s vintage wedding dresses such as this one. The rather military style hat looks simply adorable with short hair, and the gloves make up for the fact that this dress is strapless. In fact, this dress would be incredibly simple if it weren’t for the accessories, despite the frilly, layered nature of the skirt and the lace material emblazoned across the corset. You could combine this beautiful dress with pearls for a really traditional and unique effect, or with diamonds to make it appear more modern.

 vintage wedding dress with wide straps 1980s style

When you look at the vast variety of vintage inspired wedding dresses there are on the market today, you can see the 80s coming back in fashion. Wide straps, as shown in this layered beauty, was the opposite of the more traditional meringue-style wedding dresses that you expected to see from the era, but the “boxy” nature, and beautiful flowing fabrics still ensures that this dress is in keeping with the vintage 80s style.

vintage tea length rose wedding dress for older brides

Vintage tea length wedding dresses are also fast coming back into style, as are the colors associated with the older periods. This rose colored number is elegant yet unique; perhaps for the older bride that might feel silly in white, and with its vertical frills and beautiful bow-strap design, it is very flattering on the figure as well. Elegant shoes would need to be the focal point for this dress, seeing as the dress is somewhat shorter than other styles, alongside a wonderful string of pearls around the wrist. Combine this with a veiled hat to perfectly complete the look. You can just imagine the bride sipping tea out of an adorable tea cup in this dress!

Some more retro…

frilly organza vintage wedding dress with ribbon style belt

Retro vintage wedding dresses are also becoming very popular these days, and with this rather frilly organza number, you can see how any bride would look unique! It’s almost too much to look at, and accessories would be taking it a little too far. However, the cute ribbon-style belt stops vintage inspired wedding dresses such as these, from going too far away from the “norm!” You could go slightly more “out there” with your makeup in this dress, as the style itself is hardly traditional for these modern times, but you should keep accessories to a minimum to avoid too much fuss. You want the spectators to be looking at you, not gazing at your outfit, not being sure where to look first!

1920s vintage wedding dress with gothic elements

This beautiful dress could fall into one of two categories – either 1920s vintage wedding dresses, or into the gothic style! The draped nature of the dress makes it somewhat 1920s in nature however, the long veil and beautiful halter-neck design makes it almost gothic in design. The beading prevents it from being too simple, and with classic eyeliner and red lipstick styles of makeup; it just screams elegance and sophistication on so many levels.

Vintage looking wedding dresses tell a story, which is exactly what you would want from your big day. They keep the whole day unique – you want to stand out from the crowd and steer away from traditional fashions in order to make your big day as special as you are! With a large variety of vintage inspired wedding dresses on the market, it doesn’t matter what kind of period you are looking at, you are going to find a dress that suits. Perhaps you should play around with the ideas you have , to see if you can come up with something unique and perfect for you and your husband-to-be!

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