Personality Compatibility: Phlegmatic – Phlegmatic Match

Personality compatibility is the way in which two different, (or the same) personality types will get along within a romantic relationship. Here we are going to look a little closer into Phlegmatic with Phlegmatic couples.

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Initially, Phlegmatic men and women are not actually attracted to each other. While the Phlegmatic woman will still display some mild attraction to the Phlegmatic men, Phlegmatic men tend to avoid women of their own type. Nevertheless, if they do fall in love, in the end you will find that most of their dreams are likely to come true.

Between all different types of personality, Phlegmatic people are the least rational. They are often unrealistic about love and relationships, and many of them are looking for the ideal mate; preferring to stay alone than settle for anything less than perfect. They are out there to search for a meaningful relationship with a deep emotional connection, the meaning of which is not even clear to some other personality types, such as the Sanguine and the Choleric.


These people have great communication skills! Phlegmatic partners are likely to often talk about their feelings, their relationship, their hopes, and their disappointments as well as talking about each other and themselves. They will apply their intuition by trying to read messages from the slightest of facial expressions, body language signs, tone of voice and unguarded reactions.

The Phlegmatic couple will have many things to talk about because they like to gather information and create webs of ideas and theories. Both are highly imaginative, speak in general terms, while still managing to concentrate on what they think is the “the big picture”.



While Phlegmatic people are not really conventional, being genuine and honest is a must for them and this applies to both their romantic relationships as well as their friendships.

Phlegmatic partners are very romantic and are more than willing to work at keeping the passion alive within the partnership. However, despite the personality compatibility here being good, and the fact that technically, the two together sounds like a great match, two Phlegmatic partners are still likely to run into some difficulties.

Problems and concerns

One of their common problems is that they don’t give each other enough space, which will end up with one or both partners rather irritated because of the constant suffocation. The relationship becomes psychologically heavy, and in the end, may actually break under its own weight.

Another potential problem that this couple is likely to face is that Phlegmatic people tend to take a rather long time when it comes to making up their minds. When they face difficulties in the relationship, they can’t stand the idea of direct confrontation to solve the problem and instead, they would rather gossip behind each other’s back. Instead of acting they ruminate but on the plus side, this won’t go on forever. In some cases, they will get so disappointed and disillusioned by their partner, they will be able to overcome the anxiety and fear of conflict, and go on with their life to seek for their dream mate.

Despite all these many obstacles, many Phlegmatic people ultimately find what they seek for within a relationship.

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