Olive Oil for Skin – Great Stuff You Can Do with Olive Oil

Olive oil for skin is a natural wonder offering us numerous health benefits. It is great for our bodies inside and out. Internally, it is effective in lowering down our bad cholesterol as well as our blood pressure. Other than this, it reduces gallstone formation in our bodies and protects us from cancers of the colon, breast, as well as skin. Externally, it is great for the skin, hair, and nails. So how can we really maximize the benefits of olive oil in our skin? Here is how:

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Natural Treatment for Wrinkles

Mix 20 drops of olive oil and 20 drops of lemon juice. Coat your face and neck for 3 hours then rinse with lukewarm water.

Olive Oil Fix for Chaps and Cracks

Rub 20 drops of olive oil mixed with 20 drops of glycerin right into affected skin for 4 minutes.

Facial Wash

Olive oil can be used as a facial wash. All you have to do is dab a small amount of extra virgin olive oil into your skin. Do it in a circular motion. As it penetrates the skin, notice that your whiteheads or blackheads are being pushed out of your pores. You can wash it off with glycerin soap after. Follow this regimen promptly to rid yourself with oily skin as well as acne breakouts.

Facial Mask

Another way to use olive oil to keep a healthy skin is by using it like a facial mask. You can just wash your face with warm water to dilate the pores. Dab a tiny amount of olive oil to your skin. After it is absorbed, you will notice that the oil or sebum in your face comes out of your pores. In just an hour of application, you will find your skin clearer and more radiant.


Olive oil for skin whitening

You can mix a bit of olive oil with a small amount of lemon juice which is effective in skin whitening and wrinkle prevention. Vinegar is another good alternative. Not only vinegar can lighten dark spots and make your skin tone more even, it can also unclog your pores. Both olive oil and vinegar are two very powerful ingredients that can make wonders to your skin when combined together.

Olive oil works great when combined with vinegar and water. Olive oil moisturizes the skin while vinegar helps lighten dark spots and other skin discoloration. It is best to use it at night during bedtime to avoid sun exposure. (Also see All About Dark Circles Under the Eyes and Skin Lighteners Made Easy )


It also works as a great natural skin moisturizer as it contains squalene. Squalene is a natural compound that is commonly incorporated in cosmetics. It can also be found in a shark’s liver. However, the best alternative source that is not harmful to the environment is olive oil. Squalene is an effective ingredient in regulating sebum secreted through our skin’s pores.

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Olive oil can be applied to the face or the whole body. It can be used daily to keep skin moisturized throughout the day. It is also recommended to apply it when skin is wet such as right after bathing as water helps reduce the greasy feel. A mixture of Italian parsley, olive oil, and water can also be a great natural homemade moisturizer.

You can also make a mixture of olive oil and a drop of lavender oil for a relaxing and moisturizing body bath. Olive oil is also effective in soothing dry skin and preventing stretch marks such as during pregnancy.

Get Rid of Freckles and Dry Skin

Rub a few drops of olive oil into your skin for a few minutes every evening – yes, as simple as that!


Olive oil can also be used as a skin exfoliator or facial scrub to remove dead or scaly skin. Just mix olive oil with some sea salt and gently scrub it to the skin. Remember that it should be done gently especially if it is on the face to avoid irritation.

Eye Makeup Remover

Olive oil as an eye makeup remover is also effective. All you need is cotton damped with a small drop of olive oil and your makeup will be removed in no time without irritating your skin. The good news is that it can smooth your skin and reduce wrinkles when used regularly.

Anti Oxidant

It is also hypoallergenic so it is safe to use even on sensitive skin. Olive oil itself also provides antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E, phytosterols, avenasterol, and polyphenols. These antioxidants work well in neutralizing free radicals that are created by harmful factors such as radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, and alcohol. They are helpful in repairing damaged skin enabling the skin to bring back its natural glow and healthy state. It is also recommended to damp the skin with a little olive oil after exposure to the sun to reduce skin damage.

Olive Oil Fix for Beautiful Breast

Whatever you have on your breast is skin too and it will benefit from olive oil just as much. Apply olive oil on your breast once daily.

Olive Oil for Nails

Mix hot olive oil and lemon juice, wait until it becomes lukewarm and soak your nails in this mixture. Repeat once daily.

Olive Oil for Wounds and Skin Conditions

Olive oil also contains Chlorophyll. It is effective in skin healing from various skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema as well as wound healing. It is normally found in plants but is also present in olive oils. It also contains anti-aging substances reducing wrinkles and fine lines keeping the skin young looking.

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Other benefits of extra virgin olive oil for the skin include soothing skin irritation, soreness, itchiness, and inflammation. It also works well in preventing pimples from developing. It also helps make your breast firmer. It can also be used as a hair conditioner and dandruff treatment, nail soak, as well as lip balm. In conclusion, olive oil is great for skin care because it is effective, natural, and cheap.

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