Meal Planning Tip to Lose More Weight

According to one study, people who eat more vegetables will consume less calories while feeling just as satisfied as after higher-calorie meal with more meat.

Meal Planning Tip to Lose More WeightMost people plan their meals around meat. It goes like this: we are going to have chicken today… What would go well with chicken? Potato? Pasta? Vegetables? You end up eating something like chicken and French fries; vegetables may or may not make it to your plate.

The truth is that cooking vegetables needs a little more skill and imagination, but with today’s resources available for free online, you don’t really have an excuse. Plan your meals around vegetables, THEN think what goes well with your vegetables, not vice versa. If you manage to present your meal that way, you and your family will eat more vegetables, less meat and starch, cutting calories while getting enormous anti-oxidant power contained in veggies.

Little things like this do matter and can make a big difference. Starting from today, concentrate on vegetables first and foremost, then add meat and starch.

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