Home Remedies for Cystitis

What Is Cystitis? What Causes Cystitis?

Cystitis, also known as bladder infection, is second most common female health problem after colds. It is a condition when the lining of the bladder becomes inflamed making urination extremely painful. When affected by cystitis, you have an urge to urinate frequently, and there is a sharp pain when passing urine. Some other symptoms of cystitis may include backache, loin pain and lower abdominal pain.

Usually cystitis is caused by a bacterial infection. In this case you will be prescribed antibiotics. It is important to address cystitis in a timely manner. If infection reaches your kidneys it might become a serious health problem.

It is also possible to have cystitis symptoms without an infection if the bladder becomes irritated. This type of cystitis is called interstitial cystitis.

Home Remedies and Diet for Cystitis

  • Since bacterial infections are stimulated by sugar you will need to modify your diet to limit your sugar intake. This includes sugar, white refined flower and all what contains these two ingredients. At this point avoid acid forming foods, such as all types of meat and eggs. Eat fruits, fruits and vegetables. Replace white bread and pasta with wholegrain kinds.
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids to flush out unhealthy bacteria from your bladder. Drink only filtered or bottled water. In general, fluids dilute concentration, of bacteria in the urine, and promote frequent urination to help you get rid of unhealthy organisms.
  • Cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail will help prevent bacteria clinging to the bladder wall. Cranberry juice is a great help in treating the infection and preventing future infections, but by no means you should rely on cranberry juice alone to treat your infection. You may still need antibiotics.
  • Avoid caffeine and chocolate as they will only irritate you bladder causing you more pain.
  • Take probiotics or eat organic, live yoghurt.
  • Some people find a relief by taking 8oz of water mixed with a teaspoon of bicarbonate if soda, which can make it harder for the bacteria to thrive in your bladder.
  • Take 2g of vitamin C every day . Vitamin C makes your bladder less appealing to bacteria and reinforces your immunity.

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