It’s Official: Makeup Makes You Look Younger! Here is Why…

Forget your anti-aging creams – you’ll never know which one worked for you anyway. The latest research came up with one more reason to use makeup – yes, yes, yes, makeup makes you look younger!

It's Official: Makeup Makes You Look Younger! Here is Why...Now we all knew that. I personally wrote about it before I ever heard of this research. And I didn’t make it up myself, I learned it from others, but… I like it when official research proves something I like, no matter how obvious.This study is not totally useless. The researchers went into trouble to find what exactly about makeup makes you look younger. I will admit I never realized this myself, so kudos to Dr. Russel and his team. As it turns out, it’s all about contrast of your facial features. The more contrast, the younger you look.

As you age, your skin tone becomes darker. Your lips, eye lashes and even eye brows gradually lose their color. You don’t need to be particularly old to see this in effect. Most 30-year olds can attest to this fact. Not you? Look at your pictures taken five years ago. Although changes are very subtle and gradual, other do see them. Albeit unconsciously, we perceive this diminished contrast quite aging.

Fortunately, makeup makes it easy to fix. When you know the problem (which is the lack of contrast), you know what to do. Oh yes, one last thing before I go: according to this research, dark red lipstick is particularly helpful.

The official link to research.

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