Are You Doing Any of These 3 Lipstick Mistakes?

According to the latest research lipstick makes you look younger. I personally don’t need research to confirm this to me, however I insist that only properly applied lipstick will do the trick. While proper application is a matter of education and practice, avoiding these common mistakes will help your lipstick look better today.

Are You Doing Any of These 3 Lipstick Mistakes?Here is what you should avoid:

Not caring for your lips

Obviously, lipstick will never look good on dry, chapped lips. You need to care for your lips just like you care for your face. You should apply lip sunscreen and exfoliate your lips regularly. Read How to Get Soft and Luxurious Lips Even if They Are Dry and Chapped Right Now for more details.

Matching lip liner to lipstick

I know, I know! If you aren’t suppose to match lip liner and lipstick colors, why do we have so many colors for lip liners? The answer is: It’s business, as usual. Just to sell you more stuff. There are some other totally useless products out there – liquid eyeshadow comes to mind.

I personally spent years matching lip liners to lipsticks until someone politely explained me that I should match it to the natural color of my lips instead. Not only you’ll save on lip liners, your makeup will look much better.

If you are using dark lip liners what you get is a ring around your mouth. It looks bad and makes your lips look smaller than they really are.

Using liquid lipsticks

Here is one more bad product. Liquid lipsticks tend to bleed, stain your teeth and, if you have under-defined lips, will make you look really bad. Choose chubby lip sticks or regular lipstick and use brush to make your application look perfect.

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