5 Ways on How to Prevent Aging

When it comes to the signs of aging prevention is everything. No amount of cosmetic procedures will make up for years of neglect. To look best at all ages and to preserve your good looks first and foremost practice good health habits.

  • Quit smoking. 
    Smoking is the most damaging thing you can do to your skin after sun exposure. Smoking affects your skin in several ways. First, free radicals in smoke damage all skin structures. Second, chemicals in smoke restrict the blood flow reducing the ability of your skin to take nutrients and oxygen from the blood.  Third, the act of smoking itself creates deep wrinkles around your lips and eyes. You can learn more about how smoking affects your skin here.
  • Avoid weight fluctuations.
    Constantly gaining and losing weight has a devastating effect on your skin. Not only the fat itself is aging, but when you lose a lot of weight your skin can sag and fold. By the time you are middle aged, losing just a few pounds will produce wrinkles.
  • Avoid sun.
    There is no single factor of premature skin aging that has greater influence than sunlight. According to estimation of researchers, damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun is responsible for up to 80 percent of skin aging. No matter where you live or what season it is, always wear at least a 30SPF sunscreen when you go outside. The sooner in life you start to avoid sun, the better. More about sun, smoking and other aging factors here.
  • Practice early intervention.
    Begin noninvasive cosmetic interventions while you are still young. Some changes in the skin will never occur or if they do they will be far less noticeable if you begin early enough. Start non-surgical rejuvenation treatments as young as possible. This may include facial exercises, regular exfoliating, mild skin peels, and lasers. Don’t wait until the wrinkle is hopeless, go for treatment when it first becomes noticeable.
  • Use prescription products that have been proven to be effective.
    This includes Retin-A, vitamin C in form of serums, products based on glycolic acid – peels, creams and lotions, and Kinerase.

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