Self-test: Are High Heels for You?

We’ve all heard that high heels are bad for you. It may lead to deformities, bunions, hammer toes and a lot of other scary stuff. While I do believe high heels aren’t always best idea, I am not going to repeat everything that has been already said on the subject – it would be quite boring. Instead, I am going to offer an alternative point of view. According to some experts, high heels may be actually good for some!

Self-test: Are High Heels for You?Yes ladies, according to some experts, high heels are not necessarily bad for everyone. Whether or not it’s bad for you depends on the angle of your foot. What you need to do is to extend your leg in front of you and see how it falls. If it points down, just like dancer’s, you can wear high heels with no issues. That means about three to four inches high.

If it’s at a right angle, you are better off wearing flats. If you are somewhere in between – well, wear something in between!

For everyone out there with dancer’s feet, I envy you! My foot falls flat :(

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