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The Truth About Argan Oil – Facts, Benefits, Tips and Warnings

World-famous Moroccan Argan oil is known for its cosmetic and medical properties. Argan oil can be used to treat a number of skin and hair conditions… [Read More]


Beauty Hacks: Exfoliant Recipes for Face and Body

Years ago homemade beauty treatments were considered to be inferior to commercially prepared products, but fortunately this attitude is changing… [Read More]

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Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Keeping your blood sugar in check is the key to better health, slim waist and youthful looks… [Read More]

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What Your Cravings Are Saying About Your Body

What Your Cravings Are Saying About Your Body

Most of us crave something from time to time – that bar of chocolate in the middle of the afternoon… [Read More]


pretty shoes

Self-test: Are High Heels for You?

We’ve all heard that high heels are bad for you. It may lead to deformities, bunions, hammer toes and a lot of other scary stuff. While I do believe high heels aren’t always best idea, I am not going to repeat everything that has been already said on the subject – it would be quite boring… [Read More]

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Japanese beauty

Japanese Beauty Secrets

When we think of Japanese women beautiful porcelain skin and youthful looks are the first what comes to mind. How do they manage to hold on to smooth and flawless skin well into their later years? [Read More]

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turmeric mask

Improving Skin Tone With Turmeric Mask

Beauty doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, some of the best and most effective beauty treatments can be prepared at home using simple products you’ve got in your kitchen cupboard. You just have to do it! [Read More]


Older man

Three Great Reasons to Look for Someone Older Than You

Yeah, like 15 years older! See, the research shows that male’s skin is structurally 15 years younger than female’s of the same age. This explains why men typically have fewer wrinkles than women. [Read More]


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Spontaneous Snacking? Try 20-Minute Trick!

It’s spring ladies and this can mean one thing – it’s time to get serious about weight loss! If you are like me, you are eating all day long, every day. [Read More]